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steel rigid building frame
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Steel Building Foundations

Steel Building Foundations Selecting the right foundation is a big decision when planning a pre-engineered steel building. There are several types of foundations to consider including slab, pier, and floating…
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steel building under construction
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What is a Pre-Engineered Steel Building?

What is a Pre-Engineered Steel Building Package? In the ever-evolving world of construction, innovation reigns supreme.  One of the radical innovations is the Pre-Engineered Steel Building. However, you may be…
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Steel building in Canada currently under construction.
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Building a Steel Structure Checklist

Building a Steel Structure: Your 7-Step Checklist Intro Building a steel structure is no small feat. It requires careful planning, precise execution, and expert knowledge of the materials and processes…
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A screw-down roof consists of metal panels secured using screws and washers. It is commonly used for low-slope roofs on pre-engineered steel buildings.
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Choosing a Steel Building Roof: Screw Down or Standing Seam?

Choosing a Steel Building Roof: Screw Down or Standing Seam? Introduction When it comes to selecting your steel building roof, you’re probably considering two popular options: Screw-Down Roof (SDR) or…
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Pre-engineered steel building
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How to Calculate the Total Cost for a Steel Building

From the size of the building to the type of steel used, there are many variables to consider when calculating the overall cost of a steel building.…
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steel buildings in canada
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The Benefits of Steel Buildings in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

Steel buildings in Canada are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re looking to construct a new warehouse, office space, or retail store, steel buildings…
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Pre engineered steel building.
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Lease-To-Own Options for Steel Buildings

We understand the importance of having access to the necessary resources to help bring your steel building project to life.…
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Northern Steel Building's pre engineered project
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The Ultimate Steel Building Guide – 2024 Edition

Whether you’re looking for a commercial steel building, DIY building kits, an all steel building, or simply a steel framed building, we’ve got you covered.…
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Financing options for steel buildings
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Pre Engineered Steel Buildings – 5 Things Builders/Owners Need To Know

1. Wood is cheap, what are the advantages of pre engineered steel buildings? Like all things, you get what you pay for. That is especially true when it comes to…
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Best insulation for a metal building
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The Best Insulation for a Metal Building, 3 Tiers

The Complete Guide to Steel Building Insulation Looking to insulate a metal building? You might be surprised to learn how far building insulation has come in the last 30 years.…
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Wood vs. Steel, 1,200 sq. ft. (30x40) workshop/garage near Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Wood vs. Steel: 7 Critical Factors to Consider

Is Steel Right For You? When choosing between steel vs wood buildings for your new shop or building, it’s important to consider your specific needs and priorities. A common question…
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what is a steel building?

Made of standardized components engineered to meet specific criteria and building codes, our building kits consist of a steel framework of beams and columns that are connected using welded or bolted connections.

  • Bay Spacing: The intervals between rigid frames
  • Sidewall: Exterior wall perpendicular to steel building frames
  • Rigid Frame: Structural frame with moment connections
  • Wall Girt: Horizontal member supporting paneling
  • Eave Height: Vertical dimensions from floor to eave
  • End Wall: Exterior wall parallel to interior rigid frame

common building types

steel building ag storage workshop


steel hay storage building

Hay Storage

steel building seed processing

Seed Processing

steel building residential workshop toy garage



commercial offices

steel building truck auto shop

truck/auto shop

steel building manufacturing industrial plant


steel building arena


Why Choose a steel building?

Benefits of Steel

One of the most popular materials used in construction today, steel plays a vital role in controlling construction costs while helping the industry achieve its sustainability goals. Steel offers a number of unique benefits and significant advantages over many other construction materials!


Steel buildings can work for just about any situation and they always create a pleasing, sleek space to work in.

Rapid Construction

Offsite fabrication means you can enjoy a quiet construction site and a rapid, efficient assembly without the dust and pollution of other job sites.

Lasts a Lifetime

Unlike wood and other materials, steel lasts a lifetime, requires little maintenance, and is extremely resistant to corrosion.
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