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With hundreds of completed projects, the Northern Steel Buildings team has the experience and knowledge to walk you through the building process from preliminary designs to finishing details. Check out some of our latest work and give our team a call today! 1 (877) 751-3486

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  • “Steel was a no brainer, and I would definitely recommend Northern Steel Buildings, they were a perfect fit.”

    Elmer Penner
  • “If we build a building again in the future, we’ll definitely go to Northern Steel Buildings and get another building.”

    Maurice Vanwynsberghe
  • “We chose Northern Steel Buildings based on reputation, timing, speed and value. I’d highly recommend Northern Steel Buildings.”

    Dale Ginn
  • “Excellent people to deal with. Easy going and trusted people. 5 stars.”

    John Enns
  • “We have four buildings with Northern Steel Buildings and have had great experiences with all of them.”

    David Krahn
  • “We have used Northern Steel on multiple projects at our Business Park. Niko and the team are professional and extremely helpful throughout the whole process! Would recommend their buildings to anyone! 5 stars.”

    Hayden Knorr
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    IMP insulation for steel building

    building insulation

    Looking to insulate a metal building? You might be surprised to learn how far building insulation has come in the last 30 years. Keep reading to determine the best insulation for your metal building based on your priorities.

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    A screw-down roof consists of metal panels secured using screws and washers. It is commonly used for low-slope roofs on pre-engineered steel buildings.
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    Northern Steel Buildings was founded with over 50 years combined steel experience. With our extensive background in pre-engineered steel structures, we are ideally suited to not only provide the steel building you need, but also help you design and make the best decisions along the way.

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